Aussie Helpers.

Aussie Helpers.

When a not-for-profit with a mission to help Aussie farming families approached the Ruby6 design team for a rebrand and new website, we knew just what to do.

Since 2002, the Aussie Helpers logo featured a motif and the colours of the Australian flag.

While iconic, the branding did not encapsulate the down to earth spirit and authentic persona of the Aussie Helpers brand.

In addition to the logo and branding colours, the existing Aussie Helpers’ platforms also underwent a refresh to engage and reconnect with audiences.

Our team of graphic designers, website developers and digital marketers, together with the copywriting experts at our partner company, Cole Lawson Communications, gave the Aussie Helpers’ brand a new lease on life.

Drawing on colour psychology and best practice design principles, Ruby6 reimagined Aussie Helpers’ brand all the while maintaining its ‘true-blue’ look and feel. Ruby6 swapped the iconic Australian flag for a map of Australia to literally put Aussie Helpers at the heart of the country.

Cole Lawson’s excellent copywriters also came through to pull on the heart strings of everyday Australians, telling the stories of those touched by Aussie Helpers.

Ruby6 and Cole Lawson Communications have helped us elevate our strategy, enhance our brand and effectively tell our story. They listened to our ideas and then developed a new brand that was true to our heritage but more closely aligned with our mission and slogan. What I love most about working with this agency is that they are a ‘one stop shop’ for public relations, marketing, digital advertising and design and do it all incredibly well.”

Natasha Kocks, Aussie Helpers CEO