Sichuan Papa.

Where traditional Chinese cuisine meets a modern flair, Sichuan Papa is a restaurant experience like no other.
In order to reflect its unique flavours and dining style, Sichuan Papa sought to push the boundaries of suburban dining.

Often perceived as an affordable Friday night take-away or hangover cure, the brand needed to re-position the indulgent and exciting side of Chinese cuisine and bring it to life for food lovers. Our strategy centred around a revival of Chinese cultural trends in young consumers to develop deeper brand connection relevancy.

The contrast of old and new, deep sensual reds and a showcase of the artisans behind the meals were introduced into the marketing mix and resulted in rich, relatable storytelling across the brands channels. We also ensured that the target consumer was frequently reminded about Sichuan Papa by implementing ‘an always’ on presence to begin fostering brand loyalty over time.

Our brand storytelling was also illustrated at the dinner table, with the introduction of on-trend events likes bottomless dumplings and sophisticated Sunday hangover banquets to ensure Sichaun Papa had its finger on the pulse at every touch point of the consumer journey.

This dining experience is reminiscent of what is expected from City establishments which differentiated Sichuan Papa in the market and resulted in repeat visits from diners who were hungry for more.